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Meet Hannah Reich

Hannah Reich

Hair Stylist since 2011
Joined Silver Screen in 2016

Instagram: @hannahrr413
Facebook: Hannah Reich

Hannah has always believed in using personal style as a means of self-expression and personal empowerment.  Over the years for her, that has evolved from creatively using Wet-n-Wild cosmetics and Herbal Essence Hair dye to alleviate the boredom of adolescence in rural North Dakota, to working professionally first in theatrical costuming and now in the salon industry. She received her Bachelor’s in Theatre from Smith College, before enrolling in hair school in her hometown of Fargo and apprenticing at Vincent + Greer Salon in Waldo.

There she was able to build a solid base of cut and color skills, as well as delve into more specialized areas like the Devachan method for curly hair. She’s worked in a wide variety of places, from an Ulta Salon to styling wigs at Kansas City Costumes, and in addition to building up some entertaining stories, her previous experiences gave her exposure to a wide variety of techniques and color lines. She’s now currently enrolled at UMKC studying chemistry and mechanical engineering, with plans to eventually work in the research and development side of the beauty industry.

Hannah loves guiding her clients through the different phases of their personal style and working with them to create hair solutions that work with their lifestyles. She approaches every service as a small-scale collaborative design project and enjoys bringing a feminist perspective to the conversation about personal appearance, helping her clients see themselves in a positive light and make decisions based on their own preferences.  She enjoys the collaborative environment at Silver Screen, using L’Oreal hair color, and the fun mix of artists and professional people they see in the Crossroads.

Specialties: Curly Hair: Balayage and Hair Painting, Men’s Cuts, and Vintage Styling

Fun Fact: I have no problem traveling alone, but I’m terrified of riding a bike.  I know all the words to “Friends in low places.”

Favorite Hollywood Star: Bette Davis. She stood up to the movie studios, and was one of the first actresses to aggressively negotiate her contracts.  She continued to take on a variety of challenging roles and reinvent herself through her career.  In her early films she looks very similar to how Hannah’s Grandma Rose, who was also a hairstylist, did when she was younger.

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