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brush cut : The sides and back of a brush cut are cut close with a crew cut or a fade. The top of a brush cut is cut the same length all over the head roughly a fingers length, about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch. To style this classic men's haircut the hair is combed up, you can apply some styling product before blowing dry. The finished look will resemble a brush with the hair sticking out.

Business mans haircut : This men's haircut is worn most commonly by working professionals who want a conservative look that is easy to duplicate. The hair on the sides and back is cut with a slight taper, and the hair on the top is left long enough to be styled back or to the side. This style typically requires a 4 week schedule to maintain.

Blowout : A blowout men's haircut is cut low over the tops of the ears and across the nape and then quickly blends up into the one or two inches of hair that is layered evenly. The hair is styled out away from the head often blow dried which gives this style a (blown out) look. Dj Pauley D from the Jersey Shore wears an extreme blow out style.

Crewcut : A crewcut men's hair style was created as a style by boat crews at Harvard and Yale in the 1940's. There are many names for this particular style depending on the length it can be known as a short pompadour, or a brush cut. The hair on the sides of a crew cut should be cut short, it can be tapered or faded. The length on the top should be cut relatively short with a slight convex shape. The hair should be cut graduating in length from the front to the back. This haircut should be maintained every 2-3 weeks.

Classic Taper : This men's haircut is sometimes called a short business man's cut. This haircut gives just enough length on the top to be styled and the back and sides are tapered down. This is a timeless hair cut that grows out very well. You should be in the barbershop evry 3-4 weeks to maintain this mens hair style.