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No Water Needed: The New Forever Flower Arrangement Provider

Flowers. They are beautiful to look at, smell nice, and can enhance any room or outdoor space. The downside to flowers? They can be painfully expensive, have a limited lifespan and require maintenance to keep them alive. Wouldn't it be great if your hard earned money spent on extravagent flower arrangements could last FOREVER? If your wish is to liven up your business, living space, or wedding/event with beautifully designed floral arrangements that are pocketbook friendly, easily maintained, and, most of all, never die, then your wish has come true.

This First Friday's featured artist is Lynda Crall, owner and creator of No Water Needed. Lynda is a seasoned veteran when it comes to floral arrangements. What started 35 years ago in a six week class at a decor store, has blossomed (pun intended) into a new business venture.

No Water Needed was created after an expensive experience with another floral business. "I recently decorated a home we gutted and had a few arrangements made for me. I couldn't believe what I was charged and thought I would get back into it. My family and friends saw what I made for my home and encouraged me to really go for it. I have been very fortunate that I have been married, what will be forty years in October, to a wonderful husband who understood my desire to decorate and create art."

In fact, her husband's supportive role has developed into an active role in her business. "My husband has an excavating company, and he has started marketing for me" His marketing efforts have potentially landed Lynda her biggest client yet. "He told me a builder of his is on the board for the Builders Association, and he wants to meet with me about making arrangements for his spec homes."

What inspires Lynda is mainly wanting to help people feel good about their surroundings. She compares it to an artist painting a picture. "When you finish a wall it should be where you enjoy looking at it. My floral arrangements make that happen. I helped my friend recently, and she said she is so happy and never knew how decorating your home can change the way you feel."

In addition to creating arrangements for clients, Lynda also offers custom desingned pieces. "Send me a picture of where you want it to go along with the measurements you want, and I will gladly make you something usually one of a kind. The time it takes varies depending on the size, thickness, if any spray painting is needed, and how heavily the creative juices are flowing. My prices vary, depending on materials used or size. Right now, I would say they go for around $75 to $250."

If you would like to purchase an arrangement, view her work , or contact Lynda, you can find all of the information you need on her Facebook page, No Water Needed! Florals.

Maggie May, not just a Rod Stewart Song

May is upon us, and you know what that means? Another local artist showcased in Silver Screen Salon for First Friday! Maggie Stubbs is a kindergarten teacher by day, and a fabulously talented contemporary artist by night…or at least on this night at her First Friday showing.

Stubbs’ art work in a word is COLORFUL! Each piece is alive with color and has a very whimsical, happy feel to them.

No stranger to the art world, Stubbs has previously shown work at Final Fridays in Lawrence and at the Fringe Festival last year. This July, she will once again be showing for Fringe Festival at Union Station. However, you still have time to come out to Silver Screen Salon to see her work throughout the month of May.

After the show, I had a chance to catch up with Maggie for a little Q and A session:

What is your artistic background and how long have you been painting?
“I have been encouraged to create art my entire life by both of my artistic parents. In high school, I was part of an art program that allowed me to take more art classes than usually allowed. We also had a teacher with a doctorate in art, and I took art for 5 hours a day my senior year. I usually would stay after school for several hours and I would do one or two paintings every day. The school bought all of the supplies, so I could create as much as I wanted. I went to art school at the University of Kansas for one year, but found that it did not live up to my high school experience. I decided to pursue art separately and earn a teaching degree because I also love teaching children.”

Where do you draw your artistic inspiration?
“I find inspiration from traveling when I am able to. Seeing art in person is great inspiration. Art, even art that we have seen a million times referenced in pop culture, looks different in person. It looks more fabulous in person. Viewing art is a great inspiration.
My art is happy and I find daily inspiration from my kindergarten class. The classroom atmosphere and craziness shows through in my paintings.
I also gain inspiration from Ted talks. I enjoy listening to ted talks while I paint. I love documentaries too. I constantly crave learning new things. That shot of awe you get when something really inspires you can drive me to paint new imaginative things for days. I think its the challenge of adapting when something is not as it seemed that causes brain neurons to connect and fire the most. Even little things, like learning why ketchup is both a liquid and a solid, or what beer is made out of, keep my brain working and ready to paint.”

What made you start painting or first piqued your interest?
“My art teacher in high school required me to try painting and demanded that I would adapt to the brush vs. the pencil. My dad agreed and encouraged this.”

Who or what has influenced your work/who do you admire?
“I love Wayne Thiebaud's art. He is the master of color! I love color. I also love how crazy and colorful Lisa Frank's art is. I learned to draw by attempting to replicate Degas' sketches of ballerinas. I also learned to draw by drawing photos of people. If you want to be good at any kind of art, you need to practice. It will take thousands of hours before you are really good at it. The thing is, you aren't born with the ability to do anything. I am terrible at basketball, but when I practice I do get better. If I devoted thousands of hours to it, I would be awesome at it. I might never be able to dunk though. You can learn anything if you work really hard.”

What are your long term goals for your art career?
“My goal is to be able to create more art. If painting could be my day job, it would be wonderful. I think it needs to happen in order for me to be able to create what I want to. I love teaching too, and luckily I have the summer off. I am traveling to an art festival in Dallas this summer, and my work will be in the fringe festival at Union Station as well as displayed in the Johnson County Libraries. I would like to paint on a much larger scale. I would love to have a studio.”

How did you think your event at Silver Screen Salon went and did you sell any of your work?
“I think it went great! I didn't hear anyone say they hated my work! I had a lot of great comments and tons of my friends showed up. I sold one very small painting. I think it is hard to sell art! Some of my stuff wasn't for sale, and it may have been my better stuff. I need to paint more large paintings.”

Check back for more on June's First Friday featured artist!!






Synthetic Ties Exhibition: It’s Un-BeWeaveable!!!

Spring is here, and nothing screams spring in the Crossroads more than First Fridays! To kick off this First Friday season, Silver Screen Salon showcased Shenequa Brooks' Synthetic Ties exhibition.

Brooks is a senior studying Fiber Arts at the Kansas City Art Institute, and this show served as her senior project. The exhibition included synthetic hair woven into beautiful works of art, head pieces, and even included live models, who each had synthetic hair woven into their hair to create elaborate styles.

Fiber Arts, as explained by Brooks, is the study of fiber in a material or fabric. You learn how to dye, create, weave and/or construct your own material. Brooks first became interested in fiber arts through visiting the Kansas City Art Institute. The openness and experimentation of what the department offers through fiber is what attracted her.

Brooks draws inspiration from various contemporary artists such as Joanne Petit-Frere hair-dresses and Chakaia Booker fabric/tires headdresses. She also looks to various African-American hairstyles/braids, as well as textiles made in Ghana, Africa.

The beautifully detailed pieces that Brooks creates are very time consuming, and each piece takes about a week to complete in its entirety.

When asked about incorporating the live models into the exhibition, Brooks explained, "My inspiration behind the live models is to activate and enhance the space. It added to the process and the way in which African-American women interact when getting their hair done. It was about sisterhood, bonding, time, care, etc...that contributes to the act of when I weave my hair weavings on the loom."

What's next for Ms. Shenequa Brooks after graduation? Brooks plans on staying in Kansas City for a year to figure out her place in the art community, a community that she feels is very strong for emerging artists. However, traveling and applying to residencies around the world is also in this young artist's future.

As far as future exhibits, there are none planned as of right now, but Brooks is sure there will be more shows to follow in awesome and non-traditional gallery spaces that will add to the body of work at that given time.

When asked about her experience after the Silver Screen Salon exhibit, Brooks replied, "My First Friday showing went AMAZING and better than I could ever imagine. I had a great turn out and everyone had positive things to say throughout the night. I did sell two pieces and that is awesome."

Be sure to come out to Silver Screen Salon on First Fridays to check out a new local artist each month!