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9 style ideas for second-day hair

Don’t have time to wash, rinse and dry? Here are 9 ideas to take your look from yesterday into a whole new style for today! Skip the hassle of shampooing, conditioning and drying your hair, and head to work with a new look that will make everyone think you spent hours on your hair instead of minutes in front of the mirror.


Curl it up

Set down the curling iron and put your hair in rollers before you start your morning routine. Let the curlers do the work as you put on your makeup and grab a quick breakfast. Before you head out the door, run your fingers through the curls for a loose, soft look. Top it with finishing spray or another product recommended by your stylist.


Put in a ponytail

A sleek ponytail can be flirty and cute or business professional. For a more relaxed look, try a messy bun or chignon that can be accomplished in under 5 minutes.


Add a hair accessory (or two)

Cover up the signs of bedhead with a trendy hair scarf, headband or jeweled bobby pin. No one will know that under your fashionable hairpiece is second- or third-day hair!


Slick your hair back

Rock a deep side part or no part at all and slick your hair back with gel for a sleek look that seems like it took hours to accomplish.


Get out your flat Iron

Sleeping can leave some interesting folds, creases and flyaways when you wake up in the morning. Run a flat iron through the crazy spots to calm down your bedhead and refresh your look for the day. Apply thermal spray to protect your hair from damage before you apply heat and add a finishing spray afterwards to give your hair that just-washed healthy shine.


Try out space buns

If your hair is lacking in volume, throw it up into two space buns! Put all of your hair up or try half-up and half-down. This trendy look will keep the hair out of your face and give you a clean yet fashion-forward start your day.


Intertwine your strands

Braids are not just for kids anymore! Pull all hair to the side and rock a traditional braid or reserve a few more minutes to complete a fishtail or waterfall braid. Add a hair accessory if you’re in the mood!


Embrace the waves

Leave your second-day braids in overnight for effortless waves on day three. Add a little dry shampoo to remove any grease and spray on hairspray for an all-day hold.


Top it off with a top knot

The top knot is not only trending, but it’s easy to pull off! Comb hair into a ponytail and wrap hair around using bobby pins to secure the style. Loosen with fingers for desired sass and finish it off with spray.


If you have kids and your time is limited in the morning, or you are a night person that dreads leaving the covers on a chilly fall day, keep these quick styles on hand so that you look refreshed and feel confident heading into your busy day.